I, Mia Sjölund, design and manufacture products in the Swedish vegetable tanned leather with a minimalist design. When I work with a material that becomes finer with age I want to work with a timeless expression, the result is a product that can be used over a long time that’s what I call quality. I want to encourage a considered purchase, to buy something you like and will be able to use for years to come and know the circumstances surrounding the production is okay. The leather comes from Swedish hides and are tanned with vegetable tanning methods in Sweden, for me it is a step towards sustainability.

So, how did this happen?
I have always been interested in the crafts and the creative process and during my education at Carl Malmsten furniture studies I learned about quality. During the studies I did an internship at Domeau & Pérès studio in Paris, which was a inspiring time for me and the feeling that I wanted to create and work for myself grew bigger, but at the same time I felt that I wanted more experience first. So I started to work at Offecct and after that Tärnsjö tannery, both companies work with sustainability somehow which is an important question for me. At Tärnsjö tannery I really got to know leather as a material and I was hooked. I started to create things on my own for myself and now you got the chance to take part of it.